Our Story

In 2020, our Founder, Jewel Nguyen, was nominated to represent Vietnam to attend the ASEAN-Japan Women Entrepreneur Linkage Program in Brunei. In the four-day-conference, she met many interesting people. She admired how they understand and promote their national products to the world. She thought about doing something for her beloved homeland. As a result, since returning home Jewel founded Viego Global. It is short for Vietnam Goes Global, which clearly shows her ambitions.

Jewel is part of the IPL Community run by leading Vietnamese entrepreneurs, intellectuals, and dedicated managers. Consequently, she has a strong local network to support the sourcing business in diverse industries. Besides, she was the Director of an international company operating in eight countries. She was also a fellow of the World Economic Forum – Global Shapers Community. These have demonstrated the global mindset and professional way of running a business.

Our Vision

Viego Global is a short for Vietnam Goes Global. Our aim is to make Vietnam a reliable sourcing hub to the world.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to establishing long-term, effective commercial partnerships with transparent, trust, and result-oriented. We strive to ensure clients get the lowest possible price for their desired quality grade.